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Happy Tuesday Friends and Fans of Rabbit Valley Comics,

We ran some back end updates and haven’t quite got all the ins and outs back in order for blog posting and email sending…sorry that.

New Titles:
Beyond: The Priesthood of Draco by MisterStallion – $24.95 <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/item/9795/1334/Beyond-The-Priesthood-of-Draco-by-MisterStallion>
Blueberry Cupcakes by Mancoin – $15.00 <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/item/9794/1334/Blueberry-Cupcakes-by-Mancoin>Blueberry Cupcakes by  <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/item/9794/1334/Blueberry-Cupcakes-by-Mancoin>Mancoin <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/item/9794/1334/Blueberry-Cupcakes-by-Mancoin> – $15.00 <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/item/9794/1334/Blueberry-Cupcakes-by-Mancoin>
BREEDS: Wolves edited by Thurston Howl – $10.99 <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/item/9800/1334/BREEDS-Wolves-edited-by-Thurston-Howl>
Contraindications by Pen Drake with Illustrations by Ash Finley – $19.95 <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/item/9798/1334/Contraindications-by-Pen-Drake-with-Illustrations-by-Ash-Finley>
FAPP RPG Expansion Book – FAPP: Yiff In Hell – $10.00 <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/item/9793/1334/FAPP-RPG-Expansion-Book-FAPP-Yiff-In-Hell>
Female Menagerie Volume 2 by Rukis – $19.95 <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/item/9797/1334/Female-Menagerie-Volume-2-by-Rukis>
In Flux edited by Rechan – $9.95 <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/item/9799/1334/In-Flux-edited-by-Rechan>
North American Fur #39 – NAF #39 – $19.99 <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/item/9796/1334/North-American-Fur-Number-39-NAF-Number-39>
Ty Game by Kyell Gold – $19.95 <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/item/9792/1334/Ty-Game-by-Kyell-Gold>
Windfall an Otter-Body Experience and Other Stories by Tempe O’Kun – $19.99 <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/item/9801/1334/Windfall-an-Otter-Body-Experience-and-Other-Stories-by-Tempe-OKun>

Holiday Shipping Schedule:
All dates are loosely based on destination zip code for domestic orders and destination country for international orders.
All dates are for in-stock merchandise only.

UPS – United Parcel Service
UPS 2 Day (2 Business Days After Date of Order) – Order by December 18 (Arrives Friday the 21)
UPS 3 Day (3 Business Days After Date of Order) – Order by December 17 (Arrives Friday the 21)
UPS GROUND (3 to 9 Business Days) – Order by December 14 (Arrives Friday the 22)
USPS – United States Postal Service
USPS Priority Mail Domestic (1-5 Business Days) – Order by December 19
USPS Media Mail Domestic (1-3 Weeks) – Order by December 1 (You might get lucky)
USPS International Priority (1-3 Weeks) – Order by December 1 (You might get lucky)
USPS International First Class (2-6 Weeks) – Order by December 1 (It may or may not show up before Christmas)
Shipping Department Closures:
Closed – Sunday, December 23, 2018
Closed – Monday, December 24, 2018
Closed – Tuesday, December 25, 2018
Closed – Monday, December 31, 2018
Closed – Tuesday, January 1, 2019
Normal Shipments Resume Wednesday, January 2, 2018
Upcoming Conventions:
Consumer Electronics Show <http://www.ces.tech/>
Las Vegas, NV
January 8-11, 2019
Kurst Hyperyote and Rabbit Valley Comics
Painted Desert Fur Con <https://painteddesertfc.com/>
Paradise Valley, AZ
February 1-3, 2019
Rabbit Valley Comics
Anthro New England <http://www.anthronewengland.com/>
Boston, MA
February 21-24, 2019
The Jersey Foxes and Rabbit Valley Comics
Books Published By Rabbit Valley® Comics <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/>:

Spooo Presents Series of Adult Comics <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/department_3859_0_0.html>
Associated Student Bodies by Lance Rund and Chris McKinley <http://store.rabbitvalley.org/item_4900_3829___Associated-Student-Bodies-Yearbook-Hardcov.html>
Circles by Andrew French, Steve Domanski, and Scott Fabianek <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/department_3849_0_0.html>
Coyote River by Chris McKinley <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/department_3859_0_0.html>
Dark Zel and Tredain <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/department_5889_0_0.html>
Dragon’s Hoard Comics <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/department_5649_0_0.html>
Fast Boyz Delivery Service by Werepuppy <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/department_5669_0_0.html>
Jeremy Bernal Comics <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/department_5869_0_0.html>
Novels by Alflor Aalto, Wolf, and others <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/department_3829_0_0.html>
Ookami Kemono Books <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/department_5849_0_0.html>
Rocketship Rodents by Werepuppy and Trejaan <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/department_3869_0_0.html>
Tales of Tobius by Agent Elrond <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/department_5789_0_0.html>
Weady Set Go! by Furnut <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/item_8827_5939___Weady-Set-Go-Issue-1-by-Furnut.html>
Webz Magazine by Kaputt <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/department_5799_0_0.html>
Zoorama Comics <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/department_5509_0_0.html>
Knot University / Knot Shy <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/item_9043___Knot-Shy-by-Sunitai-Reij.html> by Sunati
Additionally, we have a host of awesome furry products by these fine creative suppliers:
Anthropomorphic Dreams novels and books <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/department_5769_0_0.html>
Associated Student Bodies <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/department_5539_0_0.html>
Bernard Doove’s Chakat Titles <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/department_5909_0_0.html>
Bad Dog Books/FurPlanet <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/department_5279_0_0.html>
Books & Novels <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/department/5699/0/0/Books-and-Novels>
Bucktown Tiger’s Music CDs <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/department_5829_0_0.html>
Comic Books <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/department/1001/0/0/Comic-Books>
DJ Ear’s Album <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/department_1009_0_0.html>
Dreamfield Comics magazines and comics <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/department_4659_0_0.html>
FurPlanet Comics, Novels and Novellas (Updated) <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/department/5579/0/0/FurPlanet-Productions>
Graveyard Greg’s Comics, Novels, and Novellas <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/department_5959_0_0.html>
Hop Inn Coffee <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/department/5209/0/0/Hop-Inn-Coffee>
InkedFur <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/department/6319/0/0/InkedFur>
Jarlidium Press Comics and Fanzines <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/department_3039_0_0.html>
JR’s Music <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/department_1009_0_0.html>
Magazines and Fanzines <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/department/1002/0/0/Magazines-and-Fanzines>
Niic The Dog’s Music <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/department_1009_0_0.html>
Radio Comix <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/department_1489_0_0.html>
Sofawolf Press <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/department_2419_0_0.html>
YARF <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/item_8243_1164___YARF-Volume-1.html>!
We also have gift certificates <https://www.rabbitvalley.com/department_1233_0_0.html> available for that hard to shop for furry
All In-Stockitems will ship within 24-48 hours of being ordered Monday-Friday with the occasional shipping on the weekend. Orders containing just digital items will be available for download within four hours of payment confirmation.
Andrew Rabbitt
Rabbit Valley Comics
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Las Vegas, NV 89148
United States of America

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