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Rabbit Valley ®Comics Weekly Update

Happy Saturday Friends and Fans of Rabbit Valley Comics!

September is a few short days from being over. Our end of summer sale continues until Monday so of you want to take advantage of our discounts on all in stock items simple use the coupon code SUMMER2013 during the checkout process at Rabbit Valley Comics between now and September 30, 2013 and you’ll get 10% off orders of $50.00 or more (in stock items, price before shipping).

New Items:

Trick or Treat - Halloween Anthology edited by Ianus J Wolf

This item is available for pre-order only. Orders containing Trick or Treat will ship mid October.

Welcome to our neighborhood
Tonight is the night when ghouls and ghosts come out of the woodwork and when sweet candies are dropped into waiting bags. In short, it's Halloween, and it wouldn't be complete without both tricks and treats. On this All Hallows' Eve, we offer up something for the adults to enjoy in this anthology of Samhain stories.

North American Fur Issue #29

North American Fur is an APA/zine: that is, it is an APA that also sells to the public to cover copying and mailing so that members don't have to bear those costs. It was founded in 1997 by Paul Groulx, former editor of Furthest North Crew, and he published the first three issues. When Ed Zolna closed down Mailbox Books in the spring of 1999, NAF almost folded because that was the major market. Luckily, we at Jarlidium (who also happen to be charter members of NAF) were able to step in and continue the title. NAF is still going strong, coming up on 30 issues.

We've also received a bunch of additional inventory from Jarlidium Press, check it out. Good furry reads!

Top Shipped Items for September 2013

Rank	Title	List Price
1	Burning Curiosity by HerrAardy and ScyStorm	$20.00
2	Dragons Hoard Presents NomNoms Issue 2	$18.00
3	Tank and ... by Graveyard Greg - Digital Edition	FREE
4	Dragon's Hoard Presents: Runt Issue #2	$8.99
5	Creampie 01	$16.00
6	Fast Boyz Delivery Service Issue 1	$7.50
7	Dragons Hoard Volume 3	$29.99
8	Instinct Disorder 01	$7.50
9	Spooo Presents Issue #18: Life in the Co-Op	$6.00
10	Spooo Presents Issue #21 - Life in the Co-Op Episode Three	$6.00
Upcoming Travel
We've added some trips to our schedule! We're off to San Jose/Mountain View area for a day, then Modesto for a Day next week, Orlando the week after, and New England the week after that. For a complete list of our upcoming travel visit our convention and event page. Because both the Bunny and Fox will not be in the warehouse during the next few trips, orders will not ship on the days we are out of town. See the home page of Rabbit Valley Comics for additional information on shipping delays.

That's about it for this week!


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