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New Items:
We’ve added some new items to the store this month and wanted to share them with you, again.

Mature Readers:
By Sword and Star – $13.95
Sabrina Online A Decade in Black and White – $23.95
The Species of Blessing Avenue – $9.95

General Readers:
Confectionaries Issue 1 – $4.99

Adult Readers:
Will of the Alpha – $19.95

Summer Sale:
It’s Las Vegas and it’s hot. To help pass these days of ninety degree weather, we’re offering 15% off all orders of $100.00 ore more of in stock merchandise. Anything in stock, even if it is already discounted (see previous journal entries).  Simply use the coupon code Summer2012 during the check out process between now and the end of may to receive your discount.

Top Ten Shipped Items:

Rank	Title & Link	Price
1	Buy It By The Box (Donate to Rabbit Valley) – 9 x 12 x 2 inch box of stuff	$12.50
2	Dragon’s Hoard Issue 1	$12.99
3	Sabrina Online A Decade in Black and White	$23.95
4	Dragon’s Hoard Issue 2	$25.00
5	Bitter Lake	$19.95
6	Genus Male Issue #11	$5.99
7	Circles Issue #6	$5.00
8	Circles Issue #7	$6.00
9	Circles Issue #8	$6.00
10	Red Lantern Book One: Crimson Divine (On Order)	$29.95
Rabbit Valley Mascot Art Page:
Over the years we’ve collected a lot of art of our characters and it’s time to share some of that. Over the next weeks we’ll be putting some of that art up on our site at http://www.rabbitvalley.com/sales/art.html. Right now it has our character art from RedWolf, Quel, Kaput, Shiuk, Spunky, and Marci. We’ll be adding more RedWolf and Quel pieces as well many others this coming week, so look for update notices here.

Link: http://www.rabbitvalley.com/sales/art.html

Our next big event is CaliFur! We’ll have a large selection of inventory at the convention and are planning a customer reception room party on Friday night. If you’re going to the convention and would like an invitation to the party, please drop us an email RSVP to customer service at rabbitvalley.com with the number of people in your group so we can plan ahead.

If you can’t make it to CaliFur next month, remember Rabbit Valley® Comics is like a big virtual dealer’s room with titles from many of the creative outlets in the fandom including 2 the Ranting Gryphon, Anthropomorphic Dreams, Bad Dog Books, Bucktown Tiger, Dreamfield Comics, Club Strips & Cocktails, Furplanet, Jarlidium Press, Radio Comix, Ringtail Cafe, Sofawolf Press, Tales of the Tai Pan Universe, Usagi Yojimbo Comics, YARF!, and many more. We also have a wide collection of prints from many artists in the fandom. If you can’t find it in our store, let us know via email, comment on our blog, message on twitter, or any other social network where we have an account.

Thanks for reading!

Until next week,

Rabbit Valley Customer Service

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