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Greetings Friends and Fans of Rabbit Valley® Comics,

It’s a lovely day here in sunny Las Vegas and we wish you could be here to enjoy the weather with us, but it’s not all about catching some rays, there is work to do!

In this issue of our weekly email you’ll read about our Top Ten Shipped items for the last week, the two new items added to the store, and our upcomingPawFur plans.

Top Ten Shipped Items:

This week we’ve seen a renewed interest in prints with several people all ordering the same items. It’s been a while, and it’s quite refreshing. Over the last six months Scappo, Shiuk, Kaput, and many other artists have updated their Rabbit Valley® Comics print catalogues with some of their newest pieces.Give them a sniff!

Rank	Title and Link	Sale Price
1	Dragon’s Hoard Issue 2	$25.00
2	Green Fairy	$19.99
3	Dragon’s Hoard Issue 1	$12.99
4	Bitter Lake (Yeah, it’s pretty awesome!)	$19.95
5	School Daze	$7.95
6	Genus Male Issue #6	$6.95
7	Heat Issue #1	$8.00
8	Fennec Yiff	$8.00
9	Anubis Erect	$8.00
10	Bully Beef	$8.00
New Items:
By Sword and Star – By Renee Carter Hall – $13.95
Prince Tiran of Silverglen may be heir to the throne of all Asteria, but he’s always felt more at home among the villagers, no matter how many lectures he gets from his father.

But when the elk-lord Roden slaughters the royal family and claims the throne for himself, only Tiran is left to avenge their deaths and take his place as the rightful king.

His journey will lead him from the shadowed heart of his forest home into the treetops with the squirrel-clan of the Drays, across the western plains, and among the mysterious and deadly wolves of the Northern Reach.

With his allies’ help, Tiran must become the king his people need him to be – or risk fulfilling an ancient prophecy that will spell the end of Asteria itself.

Will of the Alpha - Anthology – $19.95

What’s your pleasure? Or do you prefer pain? Everyone has a wild side.

Everyone has their kinks, and this is your chance to indulge them. Will of the Alpha is an exploration into the darker side of the bedroom, and each of these stories takes you a step farther down that shadowy road. The authors start out gentle. A leather collar, a little bondage, some light flogging… but they won’t hold back for long and they brought a lot of toys with them. Handcuffs too. Each story in the book is a little darker than the last and at some point you may have to stop.

But you won’t want to.

Will of the Alpha is an anthology for an adult audience only and includes stories and poems by Kandrel, Ashe, Ianus J Wolf, Mangi, Sparf, Rechan, Elijah Lapso, Tarl “Voice” Hoch, Nathan Cowan, Whyte Yoté, and H.A. Kirsch. Each story is illustrated by Dbull with a cover by Kadath.


As many of you know we’re heading out to Reno next weekend for PawFur. If you’re in the Reno area and are free Saturday evening we shall be hosting a cocktail reception just down the street from the convention hotel. Please email customer service at rabbitvalley.com if you are interested in attending the event. There will be alcohol served so proper ID is required, this is an over 21 event.

PawFuris a one day event being held by the Northern Nevada Furry Community at the Grand Sierra Resort, Nevada Foyer on the Arcade Level on Sunday, May 13, 2012. Admission is only $5.00 according to their website.


Our spring cleaning is going pretty well, but there are still plenty of books for sale at discounted prices including:

Line	Title	Sale Price
1	Resisting Arrest	$14.95
2	Otters in Space	$7.45
3	Piggy Moto All Star Boar Band	$14.95
4	Smiley and the Hero	$9.95
5	El Burrito de los Muertos	$15.00
6	The Hero	$7.45
7	Everybody Loves Luther	$15.00
Spooo Presents Color Special is being sold for $15.00 instead of $30.
Spooo Presents Titles 1-16 are on sale, $5.00 titles are now $3.50 and $6.00 titles are now $5.00
Buy multiple issues of select Circles titles and receive 10% off those titles.
We’ll have plenty of inventory of our books as well as books from these awesome suppliers:

2 the Ranting Gryphon
Anthropomorphic Dreams
Bad Dog Books
Bucktown Tiger
Dreamfield Comics
Club Strips & Cocktails
Jarlidium Press
Radio Comics
Ringtail Cafe
Sofawolf Press
Tales of the Tai Pan Universe
Usagi Yojimbo Comics
Thanks for reading!
Kind regards,
Rabbit Valley Customer Service

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