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We've got a couple of new books to talk about today!

The Royal Tail Issue #1 - $7.50

Prince Luka has just successfully run away from home with his new friend and lover, Sirus the wolf knight (Seen in the Spoooo Color Special #1) Unfortunately, their journey does not last long before a bull wizard intercepts the pair with his own dark designs. Can the brave knight save his young prince? What exactly does the wizard intend to do with the innocent rabbit? Can Luka ever cut a break? Join us and find out in another Royal Tail!

In the second story, Firm Punishment, we read about adventure, romance, action, and what happens when a rookie does not enjoy his uniform.

The story that started in Genus Male 6 and continues in other issues has its own book! Check out all the books that include stories by Tredain and Zel here.

Cream Pie - $15.00

OK, the plot is simple. Jess needs some cream and goes to see her neighbor Xan to borrow a cup. One thing leads to another and the result is hot zebra girl on bunny boy action. While Jess might have instigated the morning’s activities, Xan proves to be able to dish it out as well as take it. In the end Jess gets her cup of cream, Xan needs a shower, and the local peeping toms get a show. 

Several pages of pinups of the characters finish up the book.

The publishers would like to thank the contributions of the following artists to this fine book, presented here in alphabetical order:
J. Bernal

New Musical Titles:
BuckTown Tiger - Ready Fur the World - $10.00
BuckTown Tiger - Scritching the Ivories - $10.00
BuckTown Tiger - Shop Music - $10.00
BuckTown Tiger - The Purring Piano - $10.00
BuckTown Tiger: Orange + Black: The Furst Album - $10.00

Other New Rabbit Valley Comics Titles:
Concealment - $25.00
Dragon's Hoard Issue 2 - $25.00
Dragon's Hoard Presents: Runt Issue #1 - $8.99

New Genus Male:
Genus Male Issue #11 - $5.99

The ever popular yaoi (gay) furry anthology Genus Male is back with another annual dose of super sexy homosexual antics! This issue features work by Matix, Joe Rosales, Tredain, DarkZel, MoodyFerret and more! 

Cover by Joe Rosales
Rite of Passage by Tredain and Zel - Page 1
Illustrations by Donryu - Page 9
Worship by Marix - Page 11
Illustrations by Moody Ferret - Page 18
On the Download (Cover Story) by Scamp - Page 21
Illustration by Moody Ferret - Page 30

Other New Titles: (Additional Copies On Order)
Scavengers #3 - $4.00
Squeak! Issue 2 - $4.00
Xfrmations Unlimited Issue #3 - $4.00


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