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Greetings from Rabbit Valley,

In this posting you will read about our upcoming customer appreciation party at Antheria, our weekly top shipped items, new items added to the store, and other general happenings at Rabbit Valley® Comics.

Upcoming Customer Reception at Antheria
We wanted to let you know that we will be hosting a small reception for you, our customers, at Antheria. As you may know, Antheria will be held September 30 - October 2 in Redondo Beach, CA. We want to extend an invitation to each and every Rabbit Valley customer as well as our friends and fans.

We will be celebrating 24 years of business and the release of our very first prose book, Tales from the Fur Side - a collection of short stories written by Vixyy Fox with illustrations by Dark Natasha. We will also be celebrating our 25 issues of Spooo Presents, as well as our newest titles including Fast Boyz Delivery Service, Webz Magazine, and books featuring Tobius Leander. We would love you to attend. 

Please RSVP by September 20, 2011 by way of email to CustomerService at RabbitValley dot Com so we can plan for the event. 

Because alcohol will be served at the party, attendees must be over 21, present valid state issued ID, and be registered attendees of Antheria - day passes for Saturday are acceptable. For more info on registration forAntheria, please visit http://www.Antheria.org. 

We're also going to be doing something new at Antheria, for those who would like to place an order for pick up at the convention, simply place the order on line as usual, pick Media Mail as your shipping option and email us (customerservice at rabbitvalley.com) your order number. We'll discount the shipping down to $2.00 and bring your order to the convention for pick up in the dealer's room. You'll simply need to confirm your identity and order number and we'll hand the parcel to you.

We hope to see you there, and thank you again for your patronage. 

Top Shipped Items For The Week Ending September 10, 2011:
2 The Ranting Gryphon DVD07 - Three Cheese Baby
Dragons Hoard Issue 1
Women are Crazy by 2 the Rant
Webz Magazine Issue 1 - Suddenly Otters & Les Bonnes Vacanes
Circles Volume One Paperback: It Seems Like I've Been Here Before (2001)
Within Hallowed Walls
Out Of Position
Heat Issue #4
Sleeping Wolves
Shore Leave

New and Featured Items
Tales from the Fur Side - $20.00
Tai-Pan Issue #41 - $6.00
Tai-Pan Issue #42 - $6.00
Tai-Pan Issue #43 - $6.00
Tai-Pan Issue #44 - $6.00
Tai-Pan Issue #45 - $8.00
Tai-Pan Issue #46 - $8.00
Tai-Pan Issue #47 - $8.00
Tai-Pan Issue #48 - $8.00
Tai-Pan Eclipse - $8.00
Tai-Pan Contraband - $8.00
Tai-Pan Rough Trade - $8.00
Tai-Pan Skulduggery - $8.00
Until next time,

Sean & Andrew Rabbitt

Rabbit Valley - Customer Service Dept.
Call 1-702-291-8286 or E-Mail customerservice at rabbitvalley.com

Please include this ENTIRE message when replying.  We get several dozen mails per day, and we can't remember all of them.  Thanks!

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