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Greetings from Rabbit Valley,

We're back from Antheria and finally unburied from the mountains of work at the store. We thought we'd make you aware of some of the newest items available at the shop as well as some of the other happenings here at Rabbit Valley.

New Items Added to the Shop
Tai-Pan Omnibus One - $15.00
Under the original title, Tai-Pan, the first issues were published in the winter of 1991-1992, introducing the trader ship Tai-Pan, and laying groundwork for concepts and characters that are still be written about today. In this volume you will find all the original artwork and stories published in issues #1 and #2.
New Queensland Station by Gene Breshears, Keith Alan Johnson, and Whitney Ware, with illustrations by Jackie Duram-Nilsson
What Tales He’d Tell… by Whitney Ware with illustrations by Arion Morgan
A Bird in the Hand by Rachel Ehrlich with illustrations by Nancy Robak
Jumping Planet by David Dailey with illustrations by Diane Salts
Between a Laugh and a Tear by Whitney Ware with illustrations by Viki Sinex.
Additional artwork by Terrie Smith, Anthony S. Waters, Susan Woolard, and others.
Bonus: Lost episode, A Simple Matter of Opinion written and drawn by Roy D. Pounds II

Cover: Several of the Tai-Pan crew poised to face adventure in a vase universe. Drawn by Chuck Melville
We have the current issues of Tai-Pan available here. as well as the Tai-Pan Specials here.

We've added a few new items to the store and will update you on them tomorrow. In the mean time we've updated our inventory numbers for books by Mr. Mike Kazaleh.Mr. Kazaleh entered the comics industry almost 20 years ago and has since earned a pile of credits so big, we do not have enough web site to list them all! He has worked with many comic companies, such as Marvel, DC, and Fantagraphics, contributing his wide artistic skill to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ren and Stimpy, Futurama, Usagi Yojimbo, Mighty Mouse, Super Friends and Camp Lazlo comics. And, in motion pictures, he has been involved in the production of titles such as Cool World, Bugs Bunny's Lunar Tunes, The Simpsons, Battletoads and Mighty Mouse, The New Adventures just to name a few.
AKQJ Featuring Jack - $4.00
The Adventures of Captain Jack #8 - $3.00
The Adventures of Captain Jack #11- $3.00
The Adventures of Captain Jack #12 - $3.00
Critters #42: Not Captain Jack (Wrong Image - $3.00)
Captain Jack Volume 1 - $15.00 
Captain Jack Volume 2 - $15.00
The Mean Green Bondo Machine - $3.00

Live From the Hop Inn:
The fourth season of Live From The Hop Inn has started and can be found in all the usual places. Episode 1 is available and Episode 2 will be out shortly.

Top Shipped Items This Week:
2 the Ranting Gryphon - DVD06 - WitchyChiky Collection
Spooo Collection - Coyote River
Spooo Presents Issue #24 - Tales From the Co-Op
Fast Boyz Delivery Service Issue 1
Genus Male Issue #10
Hop Inn House Blend 1 Pound Bag
Spooo Collection - Zoorama Comics Collections
Dragons Hoard Issue 1
Spooo Presents Issue #7 - The Adventures of Queerman
Cocktails: Summer 2008
Cocktails: Winter 2008
Spooo Collection - Life in the Co-Op Episodes 1, 2, & 
Spooo Presents Issue #22 - LIfe in the Co-Op Episode 4
Game Boys Summer Special 2005
Cocktails: Hard and Strong
As you can see our coffee has been selling pretty well to make the top shipped list! You should consider picking up a bag of Espresso Blend today to help wake up during this cool autumn mornings.

We have titles from lots of different furry creative outlets including those listed below. We add new titles each week, so check back often.
2 the Ranting Gryphon
Anthropomorphic Dreams
Bad Dog Books
Dreamfield Comics
Club Strips & Cocktails
Jarlidium Press (North American Fur)
Radio Comics
Ringtail Cafe
Sofawolf Press
Tales of the Tai Pan Universe - NEW
Usagi Yojimbo Comics - UPDATED
Thank you for your patronage and support over the years.

Andrew Rabbitt

Rabbit Valley - Customer Service Dept.
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