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Happy Saturday Friends and Fans of Rabbit Valley Comics!

In this email you will find information about our top shipped items, upcoming travel, and other happenings at Rabbit Valley Comics.. Speaking of top shipped items, it's nice to see some of our older favorites make the list again.

Top Shipped Items:
Webz Magazine Issue 1 - Suddenly Otters & Les Bonnes Vacanes
Heat Issue #8
Furrlough Issue #144
Spooo Presents Issue #3 - Big Bad Wolf Club and Service with a Smile
Spooo Presents Issue #22 - LIfe in the Co-Op Episode 4
Fast Boyz Delivery Service Issue 1
Weasel Presents
Circles Issue #5
Circles Issue #6
Circles Issue #7
Last week at this time we were at Rocky Mountain Fur Con in lovely Denver, Colorado. We had a really good time hanging out with our friends and fellow publishers. We only wish there were more time to hang out with everyone. 

Speaking of events, we've done fourteen events this year, seventeen if you count those conducted by our partners, and have another four to go. 

Later this month we will be going on a Northern California (Bakersfield to the Bay Area) tour visiting all the foxes day job customers in the area. We hope to meet up with some of the local furs along the way. We spoke to Kit and Kyell at RMFC about meeting for dinner and if the schedules do mesh up correctly, the first round is on the fox. 

Then we are off to Rainfurrest as the fox has an NSA evaluation in Seattle the Friday of the convention, so we figured free flights, free hotel room, free rental car - why not spend some time at the convention and say hello to friends and our partners in the area.

Then in September we've the main event - Antheria! We'll be selling books in the dealers room along side these fine artists:
Agent Elrond	
Summer Cat
Twilight Realms Design
Spelunker Sal
Sparky's Stitches
We'll also be hanging out with our awesome guests of honer, Mike Kazaleh and Uncle Kage. It's going to be a hopping good time.

Finally we shall round the year with MidWest FurFest facilitated by our resident Coyote, Kurst.

There will be a couple more events added to the list as the fox's day job sends him around The USA, Canada and Mexico. 

We've got a couple of new projects in the pipeline for an Antheria release, we'll talk more about them as we get closer to the convention. For now the newest books available at Rabbit Valley Comics include those listed below:

Adult Readers:
Magician Bunny Portfolio by Cesarian The White Dragon - $25.00
Anti Social Behavior - $5.95
Cliff Issue 01 - $4.95
Cliff Issue 02 - $4.95
Hitting the Showers - $11.95
North American Fur Issue #26 - $18.00
Sixes Wild: Manifest Destiny - $15.95
Webz Magazine Issue 1 - Suddenly Otters & Les Bonnes Vacanes - $7.50

Mature Readers:
Tai Pan Issue #45 - $8.00
Tai Pan Issue #46 - $8.00
Tai Pan Issue #47 - $8.00

Many of you might have noticed that our podcast, Live From the Hop Inn is currently on hiatus, we'll pick up next month after all our traveling is done.

I think that's about it for today!

Have an awesome weekend.

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