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Greetings from Rabbit Valley® Comics

We have been busy little bunnies over the last month getting ready for the summer convention season. As you might know from our Twitter feed, rvcomics, we are coming out with three new comic books this summer in our Spooo Presents series. The first of the new issues is Spooo Presents Issue 22: Life in the Co-Op Episode 4 - Yesterdays  where we learn a little about Lyle and Jason's past, what's been distracting Arthur, and a little more about Life in the Co-Op universe. ISpooo Presents Issue 23: Professor Chronofur picks up where Spooo Presents Issue 15: Rocketship Rodents left off. We finally find out what happens to the Professor and his companions in their plight against the Dildogs.  Finally we have Spooo Presents Issue 24: Tales From the Co-Op - Freedom, a new spin-off series from Life in the Co-Op. In this first issue we meet Alex, a fox looking for work and fun who sets his eyes on Beige. Find out what happens to this critter who can't even afford his own drinks at the club.

We suggest catching up on the back story for these new titles by reading the below issues of Spooo Presents:
Life in the Co-Op can be found in Spooo Presents issues 11, 18, & 21
Life in the Co-Op Collection Pack
Professor Chronofur can be found in Spooo Presents 2, 6, &15
Rocketship Rodents/Professor Chronofur Collection Pack

We also have a collection of new books from Bad Dog Books and FurPlanet including the below titles:
Adult Readers:
El Burrito de los Muertos - $20.00
Everybody Loves Luther - $20.00
FANG Volume 1 - $20.00
FANG Volume 2 - $20.00
FANG Volume 3 - $20.00
The Hero - $20.00
Mature Readers:
Found: One Apocalypse - $18.00
ROAR Volume 1 - $20.00
ROAR Volume 2 - $20.00
White Crusade - $20.00
Jack Issue 1 - $4.95
Jack Issue 2 - $4.95
Jack Issue 3 - $4.95
Jack Issue 4 - $4.95

German Language Books of Interest:

We are also running a 10% off discount for the entire month of May! Simply order $50.00 or more of in stock merchandise and use the coupon code RV_MAY2010 during check out to take advantage of the discount. All the above titles are eligible for the discount.

Live From the Hop-Inn Update:
We've kicked off the first episode of the second season of Live From the Hop-Inn the Rabbit Valley Comics podcast! Listen today and learn how you too can become Listener #7.

2 the Ranting Gryphon Update:
Our good friend 2 the Ranting Gryphon will be releasing a collection of work entitled 2 Sense: The Ultimate Collection [working title]. This is ideal for anyone just learning about one of the premier comics in the fandom or for those who have been asking for old episodes of the 2 Sense show.

The disc will include:
- Every episode of 2 Sense created to this date.
- All the "Extra Sense" episodes.
- The 2 Sense 2008 Election Show.
- Every song 2 has released (and a few unreleased).
- All the rants 2 has released (and a few unreleased).
- High quality versions of all the video rants.
- Every episode of "Dear 2 Letters" and "Fur Affinity: News"
- Pilot episodes of "Blind Faith" and "GATW"
- Wolfox Radio video shows
- 2's entire collection of furry art (removed from the net).
- Plus extra little bonus files here and there.

The cost of the DVD will be $20 and will basically be everything 2 has released on the internet in the last 10 years, right on one disk. 

The collection will be released at Anthrocon and made available for sale on the web shortly thereafter. This will not feature the five DVDs currently available for sale. You can purchase those at 2's Store on the site.

Foxes Live In Las Vegas:
This October we are holding an event here in Las Vegas. The event will be part party, part customer appreciation reception, part furry dance. If you are interested in coming out to Las Vegas October 22-24 and hob knob with other furries visit http://fox.rabbitvalley.com/FLILV/ for more details. We'll be adding to the site weekly.

Convention Schedule - Spring 2010:
We will not be shipping orders from May 26-31, 2010 as we will be selling books at FA: United. If you're going to the convention, please stop by and say hello! All orders placed during this period will ship on June first. We will also be attending CaliFur June 4-6, but seeing as this convention is only a few hours away it will not interrupt our daily shipping schedule. 

Well, that's a little long winded for today, so from all of us at Rabbit Valley - have a most excellent weekend.

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2 the Ranting Gryphon - http://www.rabbitvalley.com/department_4149_0_0.html
Bad Dog Books titles - http://www.rabbitvalley.com/department_5279_0_0.html
Foxes Live in Las Vegas - http://fox.rabbitvalley.com/FLILV/
FurPlanet titles - http://www.rabbitvalley.com/department_5579_0_0.html
German Language Books - http://www.rabbitvalley.com/department_5599_0_0.html
Life in the Co-Op - http://www.rabbitvalley.com/department_5489_0_0.html
Live from the Hop-Inn - http://fox.rabbitvalley.com/podcast
Rocketship Rodents - http://www.rabbitvalley.com/department_3869_0_0.html
Spooo 22 Teaser - http://fox.rabbitvalley.com/images/spooo/SP22TS01.jpg
Spooo 24 Teaser - http://fox.rabbitvalley.com/images/spooo/SP24TS01.jpg
Twitter Feed - http://twitter.com/rvcomics
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