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In addition to all the great comics published by Rabbit Valley,  
including Circles, Rocketship Rodents, and Spooo Presents as well as  
titles by our friends at SofaWolf, Bad Dog Books, Hot Cider Press, and  
Lackadaisy Cats we have a vast catalog of other good stuff™ for you to  
browse. Over the past few weeks we have been cataloging these titles  
in order to conduct a massive store inventory. With over 250 titles to  
choose from, inventory is no easy task. To visit the vast catalog of  
other good stuff™ simply visit http://fox.rabbitvalley.com/comiclist.html 

We also have reduced our prices on almost all DVD Videos available at  
Rabbit Valley in an effort to make some space on our warehouse  
shelves. Take a look at the list http://fox.rabbitvalley.com/DVDlist.html 
  and see if there is something that would complete your DVD  

We have recently received additional inventory of Genus, Best of Club  
Strips, and Cocktails all inventory numbers on the site are accurate  
and up to date for these titles. We're currently sold out of Heathen  
City #2, but are working to get additional copies. If you're looking  
for this title and place an order containing Heathen City #2, we will  
fill the order as soon as additional stock arrives.

For anyone interested, the fox is selling of two Associated Student  
Bodies tee shirts he found while unpacking his closet upon arriving to  
Las Vegas. One is size XL the other size XXL.

During the warehouse cleaning - a dangerous thing - that crazy fox  
found a ton of comic books and magazines that are almost as old as the  
youngsters we see at the conventions these days. We figured why not  
include them in our every-popular buy it by the pound and box  
promotions. We've found over one hundred pounds of comics and  
magazines of all content ratings to stuff into this promotion. If you  
have ordered one of these items before, chances are you will not  
receive any duplicate items. http://www.rabbitvalley.com/department_1370_0_0.html
Buy It By the Box Promotion Take Two - Mixed Content - $12.50
By it by the Box - General Titles - 12" x 9" x 2" Box Size - $10.00
By the Pound Promotion - Adult Readers - $2.00
By the Pound Promotion - General Readers - $1.00
By the Pound Promotion - Mature Readers - $1.50
Finally, Rabbit Valley Comics is piloting a  telephone order system.  
Starting Monday we will be accepting telephone orders between the  
hours of 5:00 and 8:00 PM EST. Simply call (702) 291-8286 with the  
items you wish to order, your shipping and billing address, and your  
method of payment (major credit cards only). We'll process your order  
right over the phone and ship it out the next morning. You'll know  
right away if an item is in stock, an available backorder, or  
impossible to get provide right up front. Our trained fox is standing  

Sean and Andrew Rabbitt
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