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Happy Halloween!

Tomorrow we set the clocks back an hour in accordance with the new  
Daylight Savings Time dates as established by the law that went into  
effect in 2007. For those living in areas that recognize DST, why not  
party hard that extra hour of the night (or use it to catch up on lost  
sleep). Tonight we party! We're heading out to friends after work to  
celebrate halloween with a kick ass party!

Ulster Issue 1, by T.D. Ward arrived this morning and is available for  
immediate shipment. As you'll recall from our podcast episode one,  
this issue starts dark fairytail with Lugh, a young jackalope, and the  
residents of a doomed forest being consumed by the humans. The  
cirtters are concerned. Lugh and a host of other fantastic creatures  
must fight to save their very existence. Created and drawn by T.D.  
Ward in traditional pencil and ink media. I read issue one this  
morning and while I was left confused and wanting more, the detail  
drew me in and I could not put it down until I had finished.

We have received word that Heathen CIty Volumes 1 & 2 restock  
inventory will arrive on or around the 4th of November. All backorders  
for Heathen City will ship out on the November 4 before we leave for  
New England.

Rabbit Valley will be closed starting November 5th through November  
12th as we are both heading to Cape Cod for a very important wedding.  
While in the area if any of our New England friends want to get  
together, please drop us an email (you know the address).

Holiday Circles Sale! When you purchase three or more issues of  
Circles you'll receive 10% off selected issues of Circles. Visit the  
Circles department for more information!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Customer Service

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