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Tue Oct 20 07:42:10 PDT 2009

Happy Tuesday,

Just a small update of the things going on here at Rabbit Valley. We  
have a couple of orders waiting on large format prints, once the ink  
has arrived we will be shipping those orders out swiftly. Should be  
before the end of the week. Other than those few orders, all others  
have been processed and shipped! It's a good thing.

We're caught up on customer and artist email requests so send more our  
way! You know the address! Submissions for our publications should be  
directed to our series editor, Kurst (editor at spooo.com), or emailed to  
us this address.

Our 200+ page catalog has turned up some obscure items in recent  
orders. I had completely forgotten how many different Associated  
Student Bodies portfolios we carried, or how cute Owly is. Many thanks  
for the reminders. Some other choices of orders include Tank Girl (old  
and new), Ninja High School, and Buffalo Wings.

The entire 16 megabytes of love can be downloaded here. We'll be  
producing an updated catalog for download in November - though I can  
only think of a few insertions at this time.

Breast Cancer Awareness Print
As promised in our podcast, we have sold one of our 2009 Breast Cancer  
Awareness Month prints. Again, all but the cost of printing will be  
donated to breast cancer research. Donation will be made public here  
on this page.

New Comic Update
Ulster Issue #1 ($5.00) leaves the printers bound for our warehouse  
this week! Pre-orders for this title will ship out as soon as the  
inventory is received and added to the system.

As you know from our podcast, Spooo Presens Issue 21 - Life in the Co- 
Op Episode 3: Preformance Part 2 is also at the printer. We'll set up  
pre-orders as soon as we have a delivery date.

Back Order Update
Radio Comics Titles - For those waiting on additional stock of Anubis  
Dark Desires, Genus, Genus Male, and Ups and Downs, the inventory is  
currently en route from our supplier.
Bad Dog Books - For those waiting on additional stock of Heathen City  
1 & 2, we apologize for the delay. What we thought was going to take a  
few short weeks has taken slightly longer than expected. We'll update  
you with what information we receive as we receive it. We also want to  
thank you for your extreme patience in waiting for your copies to  

We thank you for your continued patronage.

Rabbit Valley Customer Service

2009 Breast Cancer Awareness Print - http://www.rabbitvalley.com/item_7906_1307___Breast-Cancer-Awarness-Month-Print.html
Catalog - http://fox.rabbitvalley.com/RV_Catalog_100909.pdf
Rabbit Valley Podcast - http://fox.rabbitvalley.com/podcast
Spooo 21 Cover Art - http://fox.rabbitvalley.com/images/SPOOO21_Cover_small.jpg
Ulster Comic - http://www.rabbitvalley.com/item_7907_1334___Ulster-Issue-Number-1.html
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