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Happy Wednesday Friends of Rabbit Valley,

As we usher in the holiday season with Thanksgiving in the United States next week Sean and I want to let you know how much we appreciate your continued patronage. Here at Rabbit Valley we are able to continue providing our Vast Catalog of Other Good Stuff™ because you continue to support us with orders. This past year we have added four new issues of our own Spooo Presents series to the catalog, as well as a brand new Color Special and popular titles such as Heathen City, Lackadaisy Cats, and Ulster. 

As stated in our irregularly scheduled Podcast, episode four, we're running a holiday promotion until the end of the month. If you place an order Heathen City Volume 1 or Heathen City Volume 2 and select Media Mail Shipping (Domestic Orders Only) we will only charge you $5.00 for shipping on your entire order. If you place an order for our Spooo Presents Color Special and select Media Mail Shipping (Domestic Orders Only) we'll waive the shipping fees when we process your order. Please note that these shipping discounts may not show up on the website but will be applied when we process your order.

Speaking of processing orders and podcasts, ever since the move to Las Vegas this past April, the Crafty Fox has been able to ship orders several times per week. We feel that shipping almost daily means you will be able to enjoy your purchases sooner than if we shipped weekly. As always, UPS Rush Orders are shipped the same day if they are placed before noon EST and next day if placed after noon - unless we are out of town. Our audio podcast is now in its fourth episode, and this one is just silly. Weighing in at 30 minutes, we found that we like just talking about stuff - but want it to be stuff you want to hear. So drop us an email (customerservice at rabbitvalley.com) with the word PODCAST IDEA in the subject and your idea or comments in the body. We may read it on the show.

Again, thank you for your continued patronage. We appreciate all our customers and look forward to continuing to supply anthropomorphic comics and printed artwork to you for years to come. We hope that you have a wonderful holiday season, however you choose to celebrate.

Best wishes,

Rabbit Valley Comics 

Links to Items Mentioned Above
General Readers
Lackadaisy Cats - $13.95

Adult Readers
Spooo Presents Color Special - $30.00

Spooo Presents Issue #21 Life in the Co-Op Episode Three - $5.00 - NEW

Heathen City Volume 1 - $24.95

Heathen City Volume 2 - $24.95

Ulster - $5.00

Rabbit Valley Audio Podcast
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