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Happy Wednesday,

We've added some new titles this week including the latest issues of  
Ninja High School and Tales of the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles.  
There are also some new items under the Gargoyles title.

The biggest (or heaviest) news is we have gone through the entire  
catalog and set aside items for our Buy It By The Pound promotion. Get  
a pound of books for a dollar while helping us clear out the warehouse  
to make room for more Rabbit Valley titles.

General Readers:
Gargoyles Bad Guys Issue #4 - $3.50

Gold Digger Max Manga Volume 1 - $14.95

Ninja High School Issue #163 - $2.99

Ninja High School Yearbook 2008 - $4.50

Pirates Vs Ninjas Annual 08 - $3.50

Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #192 - $2.25

Sonic X Issue #36 - $2.25

Tales of the TMNT Issue #49 - $3.25

Tales of the TMNT Issue #50 - $3.25

Adult Readers:
A-G Super Erotic Anthology #87 - $4.99

A-G Super Erotic Anthology #88 - $4.99

By the Pound - Mature / Adult Contact - $2.00

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